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December 2016

Arlene Antique American Tabriz Persian rug carpet 10' x 13'8"


10' x 13'8"

It is in absolutely gorgeous condition. What makes a Sarouk special is that it was created particularly for the American market during the 1930s or 40s, using styles and colours that would appeal to North American decorating at the time. As luck would have it, these colours are still appealing today.

This rug is hand-knotted.

Please note that variations in colour in the rug are a naturally occurrence in the process of creating hand-woven rugs. The colour variations are called abrash.

Abrash naturally occurs in rug weaving and is a result of the weavers using the same colour of wool that comes from a different dye lot or dye batch.

For a better understanding, imagine the weaver using red to fill in the field. When their ball of yarn runs out they need to start another and then another after that. Those balls of yarn may or may not have been dyed in the same vat of red and may not have been dyed exactly the same way.

Even though their dye recipe for blue is the same, there’s always a factor that isn’t identical from one lot to the next. Maybe the person mixing the dye has a heavy pour versus the guy the week before. Perhaps the wool was a little drier or it was a rainy day adding more moisture in the air.

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Please remember that as of July 6, 2017, all sales are final.

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